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What is an Income Sharing Agreement (ISA)

Income Share Agreement is a method of paying for your education expenses, where you agree to pay a percentage of your post-graduation income, and only if you earn over a certain amount, referred to as the “minimum income threshold.” — regardless of job type or industry.


What Our ISA Looks Like


The ISA only kicks in once you're making at least $40k.


You'll pay 10% of your income for 24 months.


You'll never pay more than $15k, 1.5 times of regular tuition


If you stop earning income, your ISA pauses. There's no interest.

24 mon

Your ISA expires once you reach maximum of 24 monthly payment within 7 years

7 yrs

After you’ve accumulated seven years of deferred monthly payments, the ISA will expire, even if you’ve paid nothing


Why is ISA Suitable for You

Learn First, Pay After You're Earning

Technosoft invests in your tuition, so that you can focus on learning the best skills required to landing a high paying job. You don't pay until you're making at least $40,000 a year. There's no downpayment.

Monthly Payments are Based on What You Earn

When you do land a job, you'll start to make monthly payments based on a percentage of your income. You have to pay 10% of your monthly income when it reaches a minimum of $3,333.33 (yearly $40,000.00 income).

Stop Paying Once You've Hit the Maximum Cap

You are completely free from ISA obligation after you reach the payment cap of $15,000.00, or  Complete your 24th monthly payment within 7 years of deferred monthly payments period.


Steps We Follow for ISA Onboarding

Initial Application

If you are interested to join our course with an ISA option,

you have to fill out a specific form to apply for ISA. Additional documents may be required along with the application. You may have to meet our course admission criteria.


Eligibility Assessment

Once we receive your initial application, our team and the ISA provider will review your application and other documents to determine your eligibility for ISA.


Enrollment Agreement Signing


If you are eligible for ISA, you have to sign our course enrollment agreement and have to pay a non-refundable registration fee of $400 to join the course.

ISA Contract Signing

If you are selected for the course and enrollment agreement is signed, you have to sign a separate contract for ISA with related terms and conditions.


Starting the Course

Once you have enrolled in the course and completed the ISA contract,  you will join the class on a specific date.



All You Need to Know 

What is Technosoft ISA

An income-sharing agreement (ISA) means students agree to pay a percentage of their salary to the school for a set period of time.

Under the ISA, as a student at Technosoft, you pay no upfront tuition; and agrees to pay 10% of your post-graduation salary for 24 months. Remember, you are making the payment only when earning equal to or more than $40,000 per year 

(or the equivalent of $3,333.33 gross income per month).

The maximum amount you repay is $15,000 (1.5x of the regular tuition); not more than that under any circumstances.

Can I pay less than the maximum amount of $15,000 under the ISA?

Any student who elects to use an ISA might pay less than the full $15,000 repayment amount based on the 

income on or above $40,000

Can I pay nothing of the tuition?

If you earn less than the minimum threshold of $3,333.33 monthly gross income in 7 years, you do not have to pay Technosoft anything.

When my ISA obligation expires?

Your ISA obligation will expire if either one of these two conditions is met

o After you reach the payment cap of $15,000, or 

o Complete your 24th monthly payment.

When do my ISA repayment start?

Your ISA payments start when you are earning $40,000 a year (that’s $3,333.33 gross a month). If you do not make more than $3,333.33 a month, the ISA automatically expires after 84 such deferred-payment months.

Am I eligible to apply for an ISA?

ISA eligibility is not determined based on prior income, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, or protected class.

ISAs are available to any student who is a U.S. Citizens and U.S. Permanent Resident. 

What happens to my tuition if I withdraw from Technosoft? 

We reduce the total obligation for people who leave Technosoft, based on completion of weeks. Please see the table below 

for payment obligation calculations- 

Do I have to pay even though I don't get job in Information Technology?

Yes, under the ISA contract, you are making the payment only when earning is equal to or more than $40,000 per year 

(or the equivalent of $3,333.33 gross income per month), no matter what type of jobs you do or in what types of industry you work.

In fact, 80% of our eligible students get jobs in the relevant Information Technology field.

Can I pay tuition upfront instead of signing an ISA?

Yes, on the admissions application, you can choose the option if you’d like to pay upfront, instead of signing an ISA.

Even if you are not eligible for ISA, you may be eligible for Technosoft's standard monthly payment plan.

You can make this selection up until the signing of your enrollment agreement.

How much I have to pay if I pay the tuition upfront?

The regular tuition of the program is in total $10,000 which is divided into 3 phases. The first phase is the course period for which you will pay $4,500 (on-campus) or $4,000 (Remote) in 4 equal monthly installments. The second phase is the singing up for a career support program where you will pay $1,000. In the third phase, once you get hired, you have to pay a post-placement tuition fee of $5,000 in 3 equal monthly installments after you start earning a salary.


The ISA is for Limited Number of Students

Not all students will be offered the ISA. The number of spots for the ISA is limited. The application will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

For June 7, 2021 batch, Please apply asap.


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